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Musk says Twitter personnel may have interfered with Brazil's election to help left wing candidates

Twitter CEO Elon Musk suggested Saturday morning that Twitter possibly interfered in Brazil’s recent contentious presidential election. "I’ve seen a lot of concerning tweets...

Defense Secretary Austin says US 'will not let' China reshape Indo-Pacific region

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin delivered a strong warning to China at a Saturday event saying that its efforts to reshape the region...

Putin ally's $200 million superyacht to be auctioned to benefit Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Ukraine war in February, sanctions against oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin have been used as a...

French President Macron meets with Elon Musk to address social media regulations

French President Emmanuel Macron met with billionaire Elon Musk to cap off his visit to the U.S. this week. Macron spent an hour talking...

Protesters in Wuhan, China seen pushing through barrier as US senators warn against violent crackdown

Protests have erupted in Wuhan, China, over the government’s strict COVID measures in a rare show of defiance, prompting U.S. Senators on Friday...
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