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Expert's six best foods that boost body temperature – eat before bed to ‘keep you toasty’

With the weather growing colder it can become a challenge to warm up at bedtime. And given the current rise of energy costs,...

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Hundreds pose nude on Australian beach to raise awareness for skin cancer

Some 2,500 people took off their clothes on Saturday to pose for U.S. photographic artist Spencer Tunick at Sydney's Bondi Beach in an...

Greta Thunberg joins lawsuit against Swedish government alleging 'insufficient' climate policies

Climate activist Greta Thunberg joined hundreds of other young plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the government of Sweden alleging inaction from the country...

Christmas market crowd sent scrambling after driver plows car into pedestrian area: UK police say

Three suspects have been arrested after a car allegedly plowed into a crowd of holiday shoppers at a Christmas market in a small...

Chinese authorities loosen COVID-19 restrictions in some neighborhoods after protests

Chinese authorities have loosed COVID-19 restrictions in some neighborhoods of the Xinjiang region following significant protests. Residents made clear that they had enough of...

Iran protests: UN Human Rights Council votes to investigate regime's violent response

The U.N. voted to commence an investigation into Iran’s crackdown on nationwide protests over the past two months. The Human Rights Council will appoint...
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Holiday Recipes

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