11 ways to make 2022 a year to remember


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Enjoy speedy wi-fi at home

Enjoy speedy wi-fi at home

Devolo: Enjoy smooth wifi. (Image: )

Is there anything more annoying than dodgy wi-fi? Despite wireless technology, internet signals can be blocked by walls and ceilings, causing your devices to disconnect and fall out of range in your own home. With more people working from home than ever before, a good internet connection is essential. You can sidestep this annoyance with devolo Mesh WiFi 2 — a nifty wi-fi booster that uses your home’s own powerline to transmit data and boost your signal. A Mesh WiFi hotspot can be created at any power socket, making sure that pesky walls and ceilings won’t slow down the speed, allowing you to surf and stream without interruption. Available at Amazon. devolo.co.uk

Transform lives with your skills

Mercy Ships: Make the most of your skills (Image: )

Mercy Ships operates the largest charity-run hospital ships in the world, delivering vital medical care to the world’s poorest people. Globally, two out of three people have no access to safe, affordable surgery when they need it. The new hospital ship the Global Mercy will launch in 2022 — becoming the largest ship of its kind in the world — with more than 200 volunteer roles to choose from. This New Year could be the year you make your mark as part of a global team that transforms lives. A variety of roles are required from teachers to technicians, plumbers to pediatricians, electricians to engineers. Why not make a resolution this 2022 to embark on a professional adventure to make a lasting change? Find out more at mercyships.org.uk/express

Supplement your health and fitness routine

Kinetica: Fuel your fitness potential (Image: )

Kinetica believes that to reach your health and fitness potential, you need to start with the basics. Fuel that fire in your belly with a simple nutrition strategy that has immunity support at the top of the agenda and recovery solutions in play. With a range of supplements and health and wellness offerings, from BCAAs to protein bars, there’s something to suit everyone. Help support your immune system with vitamin D3, reduce inflammation with Omega 3 and tackle tiredness with Zinc Mag+. To learn more, go to kineticasports.com.

Make CBD your New Year’s resolution

Canabidol: Unwind with quality CBD products (Image: )

Now the busy part of the holidays is over, focus on your wellbeing with the help of CBD supplements. Sporting a new look for 2022, Canabidol™ makes award-winning, accurate and safe CBD supplements and skincare products. The flagship brand of UK CBD company, British Cannabis™ has been sold in pharmacies for more than five years and can be ordered direct to your home. With CBD oils, patches, capsules and creams, there’s a dosage method and concentration for every need. Enjoy 20% off purchases with code NYCBD at canabidol.com until 28 February 2022. These products are only for persons aged 18 and over.

Propose with a personal engagement ring

Purely Diamonds: Shop stunning engagement rings (Image: )

Are you planning to pop the question in the New Year? Do you have an idea of what your partner is looking for? Purely Diamonds can help you to create custom engagement rings for that special someone. Its unique collection of diamond engagement rings — which are naturally mined and ethically sourced — has been finely crafted to ensure you find the perfect ring for your partner. From classic solitaire to more elaborate three-stone and halo designs, the team can help you truly reflect the character of the wearer with one of its diamond rings. Available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum, all the rings are made to order in the London workshop and the team are there to help get you one step closer to your “I do”. Browse the collection today at purelydiamonds.co.uk.

Harness the power of protein shakes

For Goodness Shakes: Enjoy healthy protein shakes (Image: )

Protein is fundamental to producing new cells and repairing damaged ones. It’s what gives shape to your organs, fuels your immune system and accelerates how the body heals injuries. In short, proteins form the building blocks of a healthy body. Incorporating protein from healthy, low-fat sources throughout your day will help you build a better, stronger you. For Goodness Shakes are the perfect source of healthy, tasty, protein on-the-go. Shop now at forgoodnessshakes.com with an introductory 15% off using the code POWEROFPROTEIN15.

Try a new drug-free treatment for Alzheimer’s

Venn Healthcare: Try new treatment for cognitive diseases (Image: )

NeuroPulse Transcranial Pulse Stimulation is a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and mild to moderate dementia. It’s currently the only drug-free treatment clinically proven to enhance and maintain cognitive ability in Alzheimer’s patients. The treatment is comfortable and non-invasive, with just six 30-minute treatments over two weeks, which can improve mild to moderate Alzheimer’s by 10 points on the CERAD scale. It works through the TPS passing high-frequency acoustic pulses through the patient’s head to stimulate deep cerebral regions of the brain, which stimulates neural growth factors. To perform the procedure, a machine called a Neurolith is used; it was created by Storz Medical, one of Europe’s leading medical machine manufacturers since 1987, and is sold in the UK by Venn Healthcare. For more information on the treatment and eligibility, go to alzheimersclinics.co.uk.

Try some delicious organic apple cider vinegar

Bragg: Use delicious organic apple cider vinegar (Image: )

Made from organically grown apples, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is a household staple that’s versatile in the kitchen and handy for self-care. Getting a daily dose is as simple as mixing one tablespoon of vinegar with 250ml filtered or sparkling water for your daily dose, or add a splash to salad dressings, marinades or tonics. Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar contains the efficacious amount of 750mg acetic acid per serving, equivalent to one tablespoon. Make sure always to have a bottle on standby. Visit bragguk.co.uk and omninatural.co.uk for more information.

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites

Moritzino: Make your holiday to the Dolomites unforgettable (Image: )

In the heart of the Dolomites, Club Moritzino is a must-visit destination. For more than 55 years, Club Moritzino has overlooked the Badia valley. By day, mountain-lovers can enjoy the incredible woods, pastures, and mountain peaks of Alta Badia. Then, after skiing the slopes and climbing the peaks, stop by Club Moritzino’s restaurant with its terrace and wine bar and and sample the very best Italian and international cuisine in the gourmet restaurant and winebar. By night, the club becomes one of the trendiest spots in Alta Badia and plays host to the hottest parties in the area. moritzino.it

Get better sleep this winter

SleepCheck app: Find out your risk of sleep apnoea (Image: )

We all know sleep is important for your health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, high blood pressure, mood imbalances, an impaired immune system, and headaches. To monitor your sleep, use ResApp’s SleepCheck app, which listens to you breathing while you sleep. The smartphone can be placed on your bedside table and its machine-learning algorithms analyse overnight breathing and snoring sounds. It’s a clinically validated health app, available on iPhone and Samsung phones for £4.99. sleepcheckapp.com

Waste less energy with a smart thermostat

Netatmo: Protect your home with high-tech security (Image: )

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat helps reduce energy consumption, in particular thanks to its heating schedule feature, which enables users to heat their home optimally and only when necessary, while maintaining their comfort levels. The Additional Smart Radiator Valves enable room-by-room heating for further energy savings. The Netatmo smart heating solutions are compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. netatmo.com


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