‘A menace and a danger!’ Older drivers express anger at tailgating by youngsters


Longandwet had some sympathy for those surveyed, writing: “…it’s not all old people, it’s all people. Inexperience and stupidity are the main cause.

“Anyone who’s been in an accident that’s their fault should be assessed not some old duffer just because you don’t like them being old and on the road.”

Burstone274 was in agreement, saying: “As with most skills experience improves ability. NOT Age alone; but experience. i.e. mileage done.

“People who average over 25,000 miles per annum such as sales people and delivery drivers etc. gain experience every year and maintain their reaction times. People who do not do a high mileage will be much more affected by old age than those that drive a lot throughout their lives.”


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