‘A poignant message!’ Camilla leaves fans teary-eyed after ‘powerful’ Anne Frank speech


The 74-year-old royal member joined Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, the 92-year-old stepsister of Anne Frank, at the annual Anne Frank Lunch for Holocaust Memorial Day in London on Thursday. The members lit candles in memory of victims of the Holocaust. The event also marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of Anne Frank’s diary.

Starting with her speech, Camilia said: “I first read Anne Frank’s diary when I was in my teens.

“The freshness and vitality of her writing drew me into what I felt was friendship with her.

“But Anne’s story is one of six million. Six million stories that need to be told, heard and remembered to honor those lives that were lost; and to warn us of the consequences of extreme hatred.”

She added, “Let us not be bystanders to any kind of injustice or prejudice.

“Let us learn from those who bore witness to the horrors of the Holocaust, and of all subsequent genocides, and commit ourselves to keeping their stories alive, so that each new generation will be ready to tackle hatred in any of its terrible forms.”

 Her speech was highly praised by the royal fans for highlighting the issue.

A social media user Deddle8ug wrote on Instagram: “Powerful message, and such an important issue, encouraging and offering support to the next generation and offering support to the next generation who must continue calling out wrongs.

“Congratulations to the Duchess of Cornwall for bringing her light to this issue.”

Another user, Windsorandwales, said: “Such a poignant message”

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Another user, Josephinecharlotte, wrote: “Such an important message of support from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.”

Other speakers included actress Dame Joanna Lumley, who gave her support for The Anne Frank Trust UK, an education charity that takes Anne Frank’s story into schools and trains young people to challenge all forms of prejudice


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