'About time' New type of speed camera catches dangerous drivers


The bright yellow camera will help catch those who are skipping red lights or speeding. Authorities hope it will “educate drivers” about the dangers which are said to occur frequently at the junction in Plympton, Plymouth. Plymouth City Council, which Labour lost to no overall control last year, has been praised for introducing the technology.

A previous camera, which only captured drivers who jumped red lights, was replaced due to its age.

Residents in the affluent suburb largely said the authority, which worked with the police and Vision Vero South West Partnership, made the right decision.

One motorist wrote online: “Good, about time. It’s mad the amount of cars, lorries, taxis, tankers and buses that fly past on a red.”

Another shared: “Those who drive fast, or jump lights are dangerous drivers.”

A third wrote on Facebook: Good. If you don’t want a fine, don’t speed or jump red lights and drive like an idiot.”

One woman stated: “I otally agree with them being used as a good and fair deterrent.”

Plymouth Live reports that others have suggested the speed limit itself should be lowered to help keep people safe.

One driver said: “Personally I think that road should be 30mph. Plymouth Rd I’d say is dangerous with much more hazards (than other roads in the city), like the Cott hill junction for starters, where there have been fatalities.”

Superintendent Adrian Leisk, who is Strategic Roads Policing Lead for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and chairman of the Vision Zero South West enforcement sub group, said: “We know speed cameras work to reduce speeding and that speed is a contributory factor in many collisions.

“Travelling too fast not only gives drivers less time to react, it also increases the likelihood of injury in the event of a collision.

“Cameras such as these, not only enable us to prosecute those who jump red lights or drive at dangerous speeds, but importantly allow us to refer the vast majority into driver education training.

“This is offered as an alternative to prosecution because we know it changes behaviour and reduces the risk of an offender subsequently being involved in a collision. Enabling sustained behavioural change is at the heart of our approach to monitoring and enforcement of high-risk driving behaviour.

“Across our Devon and Cornwall we operate more than 80 active speed cameras which includes a mixture or traditional cameras and average speed detection systems.

“We also have 12 dedicated Speed Detection Officers (SDOs) who can operate at mobile locations throughout the region, as well as a network of over 600 Community Speed Watch volunteers who work tirelessly to keep their communities safe.”

A Plymouth City Council spokesperson said: “This site has had a red light camera for many years, which was also bright yellow.

“Due to its age Plymouth City Council and the Vision Vero South West Partnership, formerly the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership, have taken the decision to replace it with a new camera which will not only enforce red light violations but also speeding in excess of the 40mph speed limit.”


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