‘Adds significant amount of money’: Martin Roberts shares how to boost home value by £10k


He added: “You will generally always get back more than it costs you to put a kitchen in.”

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, Martin said it doesn’t need to be a granite-filled, perfectly modelled kitchen.

He said a “good quality, ready-made kitchen” designed by the likes of one of the big kitchen companies is fine.

Martin suggested companies such as IKEA, Magnet, Howdens, Wickes and Wren.

He also said to make sure that electrics are suitable for the kitchen.

Martin said homeowners can do a lot without spending a lot of money on the units and flooring.

4. Bathrooms

Martin suggested homeowners should “do what they can” to update a bathroom.

He said: “When people walk into your property and they see a bathroom that’s old-fashioned and dated it is going to give them completely the wrong idea for the house.

“So spend some time and money doing the bathroom up, making sure that you stick with what most people would want which is white units, white and sanitary wear and a nice shower in a nice p-shaped bath so they’ve got the options of a bath and a shower.


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