ADHD symptoms in adults: Most common ADHD traits explained – and how they differ for women


Dr Pablo Jeczmien, consultant psychiatrist at Clinical Partners, joined to explain some of the misunderstandings surrounding ADHD.

Dr Jeczmien said: “Overt hyperactivity is a common symptom associated with ADHD and often associated with the unhelpful trope of young, restless boys.

“It is, however, not only a less common symptom in women with ADHD but also in adults with ADHD.”

Failing to connect the symptoms of ADHD can even lead to people, especially women, with the condition believing they have a mental health issue, Dr Jeczmien said.

He said: “Undiagnosed, ADHD can lead to serious mental problems such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, difficult relationships, and traumatic experiences.

“Often, when these women eventually seek help, their experience with depression or anxiety becomes the focal point of their diagnosis, which in some cases can mean their ADHD slips under the radar yet again.”


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