Aldi shoppers are obsessed over ‘easy’ window cleaner that’s less than £20


Aldi has recently launched lots of new products to its Specialbuys. Shoppers love the brand new Teal Electric Window Cleaner on Aldi and are praising it as a wonder for cleaning windows.

Aldi recently added the Easy Home Teal Electric Window Cleaner online to its Specialbuys and it’s quickly become one of its most popular products.

In comparison to other window cleaners from brands like Bosch, Kärcher and more, the Aldi version is 50 percent cheaper in price.

Priced at less than £20, the Teal Electric Window Cleaner is a bargain and is great for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles and more with ease.

But hurry – Aldi Specialbuys are known for selling out quickly so don’t miss adding this to your home. 

The Teal Electric Window Cleaner is easy to use and has approximately 30 minutes of running time, which is plenty of time to clean windows and mirrors.

It lets customers quickly and easily clean various smooth surfaces with a streak-free finish.

Plus, the device includes extra attachments so you can clean different types of surfaces.

There’s a suction head, spray bottle with cloth holder, two washable microfibre cloths and an AC charging adapter. 

Kimbo also added: “This is as good as it’s big name rival for a fraction of the cost.”

Adam from Wigan also said: “Makes window cleaning a breeze!”

Efficient, lightweight and easy to use, it’s the perfect buy for any household.

Shop the Easy Home Teal Electric Window Cleaner here.


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