Ask Ann Widdecombe YOUR burning questions on Boris, Brexit and Russia… HERE


We want to hear what you want to know from the former Tory minister and Brexit firebrand. The former MP and MEP will then be asked what she thinks on a range of issues.

Ms Widdecombe has been vocal about the partygate scandal that has dogged the Prime Minister’s leadership, the crisis in Ukraine and the relaxation of Covid rules.

What would you like to ask Ann Widdecombe? Have your say in the comments section below.

Writing for the Express recently, she said that the “divisions” within the EU in how to respond to the Russian threat “demonstrates only too clearly why Britain should continue to rely on NATO and forget the European Defence Union.”

And writing on the partygate scandal, Ms Widdecombe said the report into the matter by civil servant Sue Gray “told us nothing that we do not already know”.

Meanwhile, she said: “Britain is looking more idiotic by the day when we need to be looking confident and determined in the face of both Putin and the bullying EU, which must be laughing its socks off.”


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