BBC interviewer accused of posing 'anti-Brexit' question to Bake Off star Prue Leith


The Bake Off star appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs programme, hosted by Lauren Laverne, in the run-up to Christmas. During her interview, she was asked about her decision to vote for the UK to leave the EU in 2016.

Ms Leith was asked whether she regretted her Brexit vote.

This sparked an accusation of possible political bias in the tone of the question.

Darren Grimes of GB News and Reasoned UK took to Twitter to criticise the BBC.

He appeared to suggest a ‘Remain’ voter would not be asked if they regretted their decision.

He wrote: “The BBC asked Prue Leith during her Desert Island Discs appearance if she regrets her vote for Brexit.

“I’m looking forward to them asking a guest if they regret their vote for Remain.”

Mr Grimes added: “I won’t hold my breath.”

This was followed by calls on social media for the BBC to be de-funded.

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“I think we should let people in if we need them in the trade.”

Ms Leith also discussed the abuse she received on social media after it was revealed that she voted ‘Leave’ in 2016.

She told the BBC: “It is horrible.

“Being trolled is absolutely awful because you are so powerless – everyone says this, but it’s true, you cannot come back and argue your case.

“But I was advised, and I think correctly, to do nothing, don’t give it oxygen, all you’ll do is reignite the people who hate you.”

The BBC has been approached for comment.


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