BBC QT: Audience erupts after hilarious Jacob Rees-Mogg comment – ‘Steampunk C3P0’


Mr Brookmyre said that even Boris Johnson doesn’t trust Mr Rees-Mogg with any degree of responsibility.

He said: “There is quite a degree of projecting about Jacob Rees-Mogg calling Douglas Ross a lightweight.

“Given that even Boris Johnson has trusted Jacob Rees-Mogg with nothing more than a role with etiquette and protocol.

“He’s some kind of steampunk of C3PO.”

Steampunk is a science fiction and fantasy subgenre that is inspired by the technology of the 19th century and C3P0 is a droid or robot in the fictitious Star Wars universe, who specialises in “human-cyborg relations”.

Upon hearing the comment, the audience erupted into a sea of laughter.

Mr Brookmyre continued saying that he wasn’t a fan of Douglas Ross particularly given the fact that the Scottish Tory leader also works as a referee.

He said: “He was profoundly disrespectful of Douglas Ross.

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He said: “His office deserves some respect. Jacob Rees-Mogg disrespected the office of the Scottish Conservatives.

“That’s going to be a very hard thing for that party to walk back.”


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