BBC's Line of Duty writer brutally mocks Boris Johnson after licence fee row


Created by activist group Led By Donkeys, the four-minute video combines clips from the show with new audio clips of the three main characters of Line of Duty, with video footage of Mr Johnson to simulate a brutal interrogation. It focuses on the events surrounding the alleged Downing Street party on May 20, 2020, and comes in the midst of Mr Johnson’s campaign to remove the BBC licence fee.

The parody was met with thousands of likes, retweets and comments relishing in the humiliation of the PM after it was shared by Mr Mercurio.

The three main characters are officers of AC-12, the anti-corruption police unit that is the subject of the show, and were given new audio lines for the clip.

The video featured the detectives using the email invitation from Martin Reynolds to more than 100 Downing Street staff and the statement from Oliver Dowden hours before the gathering as pieces of evidence.

The anti-Brexit activist group Led By Donkeys shared the video with a quote from it, which read: “If you’ve got one shred of compassion for all those families who sacrificed so much, who lost so much, you’ll go.”

The video also saw Mr Johnson receive one of the dressing-downs from character Superintendent Hastings that became iconic over the show’s six-season run.

The character stated: “It wasn’t just a case of one rule for us and another for them – it was no rules for us!

“Your corruption was mistaken for incompetence!”

Mr Mercurio described the video as “brilliant”.

Clips were used of Mr Johnson telling Parliament he “believed implicitly this was a work event” and “it could be said technically to fall within the guidance” to provide the answers to the officers’ interrogation.

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User @gerrydmcg said: “I can’t love this enough. Genius. @ByDonkeys doing a better job than the Met.”

@Paulartwork added: “This is what should be happening at the Met.”

Boris Johnson has insisted “categorically” that nobody told him the “BYOB” event in the Downing Street garden was not a work event.

His former chief aide Dominic Cummings has offered to swear on oath that he did.

Mr Johnsons today admitted he was “deeply sorry” for his “misjudgements”, in an effort to defuse Mr Cummings’ incendiary remarks.


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