Be careful! Tory MP slips up mocking Putin for ‘s**t game’ of 'trick' military strategy


Tom Tugendhat, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, swore by mistake during a backbench debate on Russia’s military strategy as he accused Vladimir Putin of playing “a shysters game” with his latest advances on the Ukrainian border. But in an honest analysis, he conceded that the West has allowed itself to be undermined by poor strategy from Mr Putin.

Mr Tugendhat stressed “this is not a grand strategy” as he reduced Mr Putin’s huge military moves in recent months, which have included amassing over 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, to mere tricks.

But during his passionate monologue, the former soldier appeared to accidentally use a swear word when describing the Russian premier.

He said: “This is a cheap trick by a two-bit hustler, playing a sh*t … excuse me, a shyster’s game!

“A shyster’s game that is being witnessed around the world and it is pretending to be a genuine strategic play!”

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The former serviceman said no strategy was evident in Mr Putin’s efforts, just “a very, very low-grade trick”.

Despite the jabs at the Russian premiers poor military strategy, Mr Tugendhat reluctantly admitted that it was one that the West have “not stood up”.

As a result, he conceded we have been undermined by him.

He added: “Because we have not been willing to be as firm as we can be, because we have weakened ourselves with European Nato partners…

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“With partners around the world, we are seeing ourselves undermined by it.”

Mr Tugendhat’s comments were echoed by Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin who accused the West and its NATO partners of having “our heads are in the sand” over Mr Putin.

He branded Russia’s aggression as a “hybrid warfare campaign against the West” as he demanded more must be done to stop Mr Putin’s onward march.

He told the Commons: “Putin’s goal is nothing less than to demonstrate the end of US global hegemony and to establish Russia on an equal footing with the US.”

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Sir Bernard added that Russia is also on a mission to change its status within Europe to “become the pre-eminent power” and “to put Russia in a position where it can permanently influence Europe and drive a wedge between Europe and the USA”.

But in a concerning conclusion, the MP claimed the ultimate end goal for Russia is to re-establish its “de facto control over as much of the former Soviet Union and its sphere of influence as possible.”

Mr Putin claims the amassing of troops on Ukraine’s border is to counter what he claims is NATO aggression, despite NATO operating along a minute area of Russia’s borders.

On Thursday the Russian president flew soldiers into Kazakhstan amid chaos in the country following deadly clashes between citizens and Government security forces against soaring petrol prices, Mr Putin claims the soldiers are there on a “peacekeeping” mission.


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