Beauty boxes are on sale allowing you to get hundreds of pounds worth of products


So, OK! Magazine usually sells wonderful beauty boxes all year round, called OK! Beauty Boxes, and contain products from top beauty brands. Buying these boxes allows women to get hold of great products without having to spend hours of research to find them.

They’re doing a deal at the moment, selling three beauty boxes for the price of two, and you can snap up the bargain deal here.

It allows you to mix and match and choose the boxes that suit your beauty needs and desires the most.

Perhaps, you’d like to look more radiant, so should go for the ‘Glow and Go’ box. Or maybe your skin is a bit on the dry side, and ‘Hydration Heroes’ box would be a perfect choice.

You’ll have to get your skates on though, as the offer is only available till January 4, 2022.

Here are the boxes you can choose from along with how much they’re worth and how much they’ll cost you:

  • OK! Beauty Edit by Jodie is worth over £120, but costs only £20
  • OK! Beauty Edit by Katie is worth over £90, but costs only £20
  • OK! Glow & Go Beauty Box is worth over £60, but costs only £20
  • OK! Hydration Heroes Beauty Box is worth over £90, but costs only £20
  • OK! Trends Edit Beauty Box is worth over £80, but costs only £20
  • OK! Limited Edition Beauty Box is worth over £350, but costs only £20

As you can see each of these boxes only costs £20. So, if you take part in this deal, you could get three boxes for the price of two, potentially saving hundreds of pounds.

Indeed, instead of dishing out hundreds to look good, you’ll only be paying the reasonable sum of £40!

As well as a way to treat yourself and make yourself look even more beautiful, these boxes are super handy to have to give out as birthday presents or gifts.

Store them away and dish them out at the future birthdays of your mum, sister, friend or partner. They’re sure to love indulging in a selection of beauty goodies.

One of the great things about receiving a box like this is the way that it allows you to try new products that just wouldn’t have been on your radar before.

They contain all sorts of cutting-edge beauty products such as micellar water, and hyaluronic acid, that those not in the know-how might not have heard of. These are all bunched in with more common products such as cleansing milk and mascara.

The beauty gurus at OK! Magazine have used their expertise to pick out great products, so you don’t need to spend hours trawling through review sites to find them.

So, go on and treat yourself, and maybe someone else too. Get the goods of the beauty gurus and the makeup artists delivered straight to your door for a price that won’t dent your purse.

Take advantage of our three for two beauty box deal here while you can.

* Three for two is only available on selected beauty boxes listed in the OK! Beauty Shop. If the items are the same price you will receive one free. If they are a different price you will receive the cheapest free. Offer is only valid until 23:59 on January 4, 2022, while stocks last.


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