Bedbugs: The main signs to look out for in your home warning you may have an infestation


Bedbugs are tiny insects that often live on furniture or bedding. Their bites are usually red, itchy and arranged in a rough line or cluster. What are the signs to spot warning of an infestation?

Often, people may spot other small bugs in the home and mistake them for bed bugs.

Unlike other insects, bed bug bites can appear in tight lines of multiple red marks.

But there is a key way to tell these pesky critters apart from other insects typically found in the home.

Blood spots on sheets

Dark red or rust coloured stains on bed sheets, duvets or mattresses can be another key sign of bed bugs.

The dark spots, usually tiny in size, can be a sign of bugs being crushed while you are sleeping.

Due to the amount of blood they consume, typically feeding for up to an hour non-stop, their bodies are often filled with blood.

Should you roll over and inadvertently squash a bug while feeding, blood will seep out causing such marks.

Fortunately, treatments are available to eradicate bed bug infestations.

There are two roads to go down: chemical treatments and non-chemical treatments.

Chemical treatments are called insecticides which are substances designed to kill insects.

Non-chemical treatments are recommended.


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