‘Best ever!’ Mrs Hinch fans share 49p tip for ‘smear free’ windows – ‘crystal clean’


Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer who rocketed to fame after sharing cleaning tips and tricks on her social media platforms. The cleaning enthusiast currently has more than four million followers on social media.

Mrs Hinch is so popular that Facebook fan groups have been created in her name.

One such group, with 100,000 members, often share cleaning tips with one another.

One member wanted to know how to clean their windows, resulting in streak-free glass.

Maria Broomfield wrote: “Please could someone recommend the best thing for cleaning windows that won’t leave streaks and marks behind. I used windows and glass wipes and this is what they look like after cleaning.”

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Angela Devitt North wrote: “I use the cheapest Morrisons polish spray think it about 49p a tin. Use spray on glass wipe with a micro fibre cloth then wipe again with the other fibre cloth, no smears just crystal clean sparkly windows. Best I’ve ever found.”

Kelly Jayne agreed. She said: “I use Aldi own, cheap and works great.”

Pauline Jeff Grigg advised a simpler method, commenting: “I use warm water with a little bit of washing up liquid then a squeegee then dry and buff with kitchen roll works every time no smears.”(sic)

Shelley Howard also recommended washing up liquid. She said: “I saw a cleaning programs and she just used a cloth with washing up liquid and water then dried with a microfibre cloth and my Windows have never looked so clean.”

Keeley Jolliffe commented: “Buff with a fishscale cloth. They’re amazing. Get them from Amazon. Really good on all shiny surfaces.”

Cie Exley said: “Dishwashing liquid and water mix in a hose nozzle attachment. Spray windows and scrub with a soft broom. Rinse with normal water and open all windows to dry if they have insect mesh on them so the mesh doesn’t make the windows dirty by touching the glass.”

Donna McRobert wrote: “I used the water from my condenser tumble dryer as I had seen it on here. Didn’t think it would work but wow what a difference sparkling with no smears.”

Karlyn Conner recommended something a little different. She said: “This might sound hair brained. Ready mixed screen wash you would buy for your car!!!! Complete game changer!!! Used it on my patio doors and my cat ran into them. No streaks at all!!!”

Lynn Clelland wrote: “Use the original Windolene then kitchen roll to wipe off then buff, I never clean my windows when the sun is on them either better to clean them when it’s dark. Weird I know but trust me.”(sic)

Belinda Wright said: “I use warm water with a small amount of Fairy Liquid. Put on with a microfibre cloth. Then use a squeegee to remove the excess water and polish with a window cloth. Not done when sun is shining on windows.”

Lauren King commented: “Water and a glass cloth like the e-cloth. You will never go back to window cleaner again. I’ve been using this for 10 years plus.”

Kim Townsend simply added: “Vinegar and newspaper.”


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