Betty White's assistant shares 'one of the last photos' taken of beloved star: 'Radiant and beautiful'


Betty White’s assistant is giving fans one last glimpse at the beloved star.

The comedy icon would have turned 100 on Monday. She tragically died on Dec. 31, 2021, before hitting the major milestone.

To celebrate the bitter-sweet day, White’s assistant, Kiersten, shared a photo of the actress taken on Dec. 20, just days before her passing.

“Hello Everyone! It’s Kiersten. Betty’s Assistant. On this special day, I wanted to share this photo of Betty,” she captioned the Facebook post. “It was taken on 12/20/21. I believe it’s one of the last photos of her. She was radiant and beautiful and as happy as ever.”

The assistant concluded: “Thanks to all of you who are doing kind things today and every day to make the world a better place.”

In the pic, the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” alum sat in a floral print chair, wearing a green t-shirt, white pants and shimmering green blazer. Of course, she also had a big smile on her face.


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