'Bicarbonate of soda is your friend': Acne treatment to heal skin and clear up spots


Acne can be painful and embarrassing for those who live with the condition. Inflamed and red skin could be helped by using bicarbonate of soda.

Skincare expert Lisa Harris has 27 years of experience in skincare. She advised using bicarbonate of soda to help clear up your skin.

She told Express.co.uk: “Bicarbonate of soda is your friend.”

The useful household product can be added to your products, the expert recommended.

She said: “Add bicarbonate of soda into the enzyme cleanser, this will help to alkaline the skin because acne is acidic.

“It will help to heal and clear up the bacteria on the skin.”

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As well as these tricks, Lisa impresses the importance of using the right skincare.

She said: “At home, it’s important to use a gentle enzyme cleanser.

“That helps to exfoliate the skin and remove debris and also really importantly it helps to keep bacteria at bay on the skin.

“Add a serum and moisturize the skin with appropriate moisturizer for skin type.

“Make sure it’s an emulsion and not a thick moisturiser as that will clog the pores, so a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

“A really good serum is hyaluronic acid so you can use that and then put the moisturizer on top.”

Another common condition affecting the skin is rosacea.

An expert warned against certain rosacea triggers to help soothe the condition. 

Rosacea is a condition causing blushing and flushing, highlighting visible blood vessels on the face.

It affects women most, although anyone can suffer from it.


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