Bite the bullet! Furious Brexiteers rage as EU’s ‘operation creep’ tries to control UK


Hundreds of readers commented on claims that despite voting the leave the bloc, the UK may not be as free as many people thought. Wellingborough MP Peter Bone said plans to create an EU-UK Parliamentary Assembly risked once again giving EU politicians a say over Britain.

Comprised of 35 MPs and 35 MEPs, the new assembly will have influence over the implementation of the Brexit trade deal.

News of the assembly was quickly slammed by many.

DaemonStorm wrote: “Michael Bone – right as always – he should be another contender for PM.”

Account SamMarieHowie said: “Obviously the majority of MPs are Remain voters who don’t care what the country voted for.

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Parliament voted for the assembly in December while the EU Parilaiemt approved its creation in October.

In a further blow to Brexiteers, it will likely include a number of Remain supporters and will make recommendations on how to improve trade ties between Britain and the EU.

Speaking to about the move, Mr Bone said: “It’s letting the EU in through the backdoor. It’s absolutely operation creep.”

“If it’s intended to talk about our future relationship with the EU, given half of the members will be from the European Union and the other half from the British Parliament on a cross-party basis, there will be a permanent majority on there in favour of the EU.

“One of the reasons we voted to get out was because we didn’t want MEPs commenting on how we run our country.

“I don’t want to tell the Germans how to run their country, or the French, but equally I don’t want them having a say about how we run ours.

“They might say ‘oh, it’s only for discussion and not for decisions’, but I heard a push in the Commons for widening that and making it a decision-making body.

“How ridiculous is that as a situation?

“The whole point of taking back control was to remove foreign politicians making decisions that impacted this country.”

He admitted that, while he fears the new body will have too much influence, there is a chance it will turn out to be “little more than a talking shop”.

“In which, case what is the point of having it?” he said.

“If it’s just a talking shop then it is a massive waste of time and taxpayer money.”


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