‘Boris has been delivering!’ Huge rush to defend PM after ‘hounding' from critics


The Prime Minister is facing the threat of a leadership challenge as he battles to maintain his authority. But Express.co.uk readers have rushed to defend embattled Mr Johnson over the partygate affair.

Commenting on this website, one reader with the username SanjayP said: “Boris has been delivering for the UK since becoming PM in December 2019.

“Three months later, the pandemic hit and Boris has taken decisions that have proved to be correct on the whole, considering no one had a playbook for it.

“The UK has come out of the EU with a deal. Opinions may vary, but it’s done.

“Only now, after 2 years, can he really focus on his manifesto.

“He should have that opportunity, without the hounding of Remainers and anti UK lobby.”

Another reader, Brexit champ, wrote: “I think he could come out stronger and a better PM given the chance lots more PM’s have done far worse.”

A third with the username UKHomeofTheRighteous commented: “Boris is not resigning. Fact. Not enough letters of no confidence received for a new leadership challenge. Fact. As much as pro-EU types rattle on about Boris must go, those are the facts.”

Another, juido, said: “Boris may be a fool for everything which has happened recently but he still has the personality to win a General Election given a chance. Without him the Tories are dead in the water.”

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It comes as Mr Johnson today denied lying to Parliament about a gathering in Downing Street’s garden during the first lockdown despite Dominic Cummings saying he would swear on oath that he warned the Prime Minister it would be a rule-breaking drinks party.

During a visit to a hospital in north London, he said: “I can tell you categorically, categorically, that nobody told me and nobody said that this was something that was against the rules or was a breach of the Covid rules or we were doing something that wasn’t a work event because, frankly, I don’t think, I can’t imagine why on earth it would have gone ahead or why it would have been allowed to go ahead.

“My memory of this event, as I’ve said, is going out into the garden for about 25 minutes for what I implicitly thought was a work event and talking to staff, thanking staff, I can’t remember exactly how many – but for about 25 minutes I was there.

“I then went back to my office and continued my work.”

He added: “I do humbly apologise to people for misjudgments that were made. But that is the very, very best of my recollection about this event.”


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