Boris Johnson hints at major coronavirus rule change as Omicron fuels mass staff shortages


Boris Johnson has dropped a major hint a shakeup in the UK’s approach to coronavirus quarantining is on the cards. The Government is looking to relieve pressure on the NHS which is struggling with large numbers of staff off sick. Mr Johnson told Sky News there was an “argument to be had about the quarantine period, whether to come down from seven days to five days.

“The thing to do is to look at the science.”

“But what I would say to everybody is that you know, omicron is still out there,” he added.

“It’s incredibly contagious, everybody will know somebody who has had it, it can be pretty unpleasant.

“Sadly, as you know, 90 percent of the people who are in ICU with Covid have not been vaccinated and it’s absolutely crucial that everybody gets their gets their booster seats so big can make a huge, huge difference.”


Mr Johnson also said the Government will continue to make lateral flow tests available “for as long as is necessary”.

“We are going to have to make sure we continue to use testing as one of our most important lines of defence for as long as is necessary,” he said during a visit to a vaccination clinic in Uxbridge.

“The other line of defence in addition to testing is of course getting vaccinated.

The boosters are going well. We have now done 36 million boosters – 90% of people over 50 – but clearly there is an opportunity for people who have not been boosted.”



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