Boris Johnson 'should apologise' after latest party scandal, say betrayed Britons


Witnesses have told the BBC the Prime Minister and his wife were among about 40 people who attended the ‘bring your own booze’ gathering on May 20, 2020 – at which point 36,041 people had died from the disease, and Britons were not allowed to meet with more than one other person outside. Mr Johnson has declined to say whether he was among those there, and refused to appear at an urgent question hearing in Parliament today, and instead sent a junior minister who gave no answers away.

In a poll of 1,535 readers held today, a majority of 56 percent of voters said the Prime Minister should issue an apology, whilst 42 percent said he should not, and two percent were not sure. One reader commented: “He should apologise in his resignation speech, that’s the only time I will listen to him again.”

A reader going by ‘London Lady’ added: “People couldn’t even go into hospitals or care homes to see their dying loved ones, but having a jolly up at Downing Street is deemed ok.”

While another reader disagreed and defended the Prime Minister, stating: “I didn’t follow the rules at this time and I am sure many other people weren’t.

“It’s just a lot of hot air Boris bashing again, get over it, it was nearly two years ago.”

But for those who lost loved ones and weren’t able to visit them in hospital, for those who missed chemotherapy appointments, and for those fathers who could not witness the birth of their child, Mr Johnson’s attendance at a party will not be something they can “get over”, according to MPs.

DUP MP Jim Shannon broke down in tears in the Commons today as he spoke about the death of his mother-in-law, who died alone from Covid.

The MP for Strangford was overcome with emotion as he questioned the Government over allegations of a lockdown breaking party in the No10 garden.

He asked for a “full and complete disclosure” of any rule-breaking in Downing Street to be made available to the police immediately.

The Metropolitan Police has said it was in contact with the government over “widespread reporting relating to alleged breaches” of Covid rules.

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Mr Shannon was not alone in recalling their heartbreak during the pandemic in this afternoon’s debate.

Labour MP for Manchester Gorton Afzal Khan told MPs: “My mum died of Covid in March 2020.

“She died alone in hospital while I sat in the car outside trying to be as close to her as I could.

“Even burdened with our grief, my family obeyed the rules.

“Just three days after the Downing Street party we marked a solemn Eid, the first without my lovely mum.”

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