Boris Johnson’s New Year Message: PM says UK doing ‘incomparably better’ against Covid


He was particularly buoyant about the booster rollout.

He said: “Precisely because of that huge national effort that we can celebrate tonight at all.”

At the same time the prime minister urged those who hadn’t been vaccinated to do so.

He added: “Look at the intensive care units and the miserable, needless suffering of those who did not get their booster.

“That could be you”.

Comparing getting vaccinated to a new year’s resolution the PM continued: “So, make it your new year’s resolution – far easier than losing weight or keeping a diary – find a walk-in centre or make an online appointment.”

However, he still urged people in England to remain cautious, for example taking a test before going out and remembering the importance of ventilation.

Mr Johnson told those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who face tougher restrictions that they should follow the respective rules in force in each nation. 

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“That – if we make the right choices – together we can seize the future and make it work for every family in every part of Britain. That must be the true legacy of all the sacrifices and pain of the past two years of the pandemic.”

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey said that 2022 would be “the year we will finally beat Covid” but said that the cost of living, staff shortages and inflation were potential worries.


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