Boris urged 'stop listening' to 'dangerous' Gove after being 'stabbed in the back'


The warning comes amid claims that the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has been pushing too hard for restrictions to curb the spread of the Omicron variant. A senior Tory MP described Mr Gove as the ringleader of pro-lockdown Ministers and told MailOnline: “There are a lot of my colleagues who think Mr Gove has become a very dangerous force within the Cabinet.”

One Cabinet Minister also branded Mr Gove as “the octopus” due to his getting so involved in the matters of others in Government.

However, an ally of Mr Gove rejected the criticism, telling the same publication: “Yes, Boris speaks to Michael – because he’s the most effective Cabinet Minister. So what?

“But Michael is not seeing the data, he’s not in the quad [of senior Ministers]. There is a limit to what he can do on this.”

According to MailOnline, some MPs have issued warnings to the Prime Minister in private to stop relying on Mr Gove and to move advisers allied to him out of the heart of Government.

MPs have pointed to Mr Gove’s personal relationship with the PM to explain his influence on Covid policy.

They said: “Gove makes him feel comfortable. Boris trusts him and he think he’s the one who delivers.”

However, the MP added: “Boris needs to stop listening to Gove. Never trust someone who has stabbed you in the back.

“Caesar killed everyone who crossed him but forgave Brutus – and Brutus killed him.”


Mr Gove and Mr Johnson were prominent figures in the Leave campaign during the referendum on whether or not the UK should leave the EU.

But during the Tory leadership election in 2016, Mr Gove’s last-minute decision to stand and Mr Johnson’s to bow out of the race rocked Westminster.

The then Justice Secretary was due to back Mr Johnson, but pulled his support over concerns over Mr Johnson’s ability to take the country forward.

He rejected as “just not true” accusations that he had betrayed the former mayor of London by deciding to stand.

In the 2019 race to lead the country, Mr Gove reversed his opposition to Mr Johnson, saying he and his leadership rival, Jeremy Hunt, would both make great prime ministers.

In a speech made at the time, Mr Gove heaped praise on Mr Johnson, saying he was passionate about the environment and had been a powerful and persuasive voice on green issues.


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