'Brand Corbyn in 2022' Jeremy's comeback BEGINS – ex-Labour leader takes on new role


The former Labour leader shared the release of a new podcast under the banner of his “Peace and Justice Group” yesterday. The “Peace and Justice Podcast” will be hosted by Mr Corbyn himself. The campaign group’s aim is to “bring people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world.”

This comes amid speculation that Mr Corbyn could establish his own political party in order to stand in the next election.

Political commentator Tony Diver claimed that “this is the first move of the Peace and Justice Project to promote Brand Corbyn in 2022 ahead of the next general election.”

Labour appears to be pressing ahead with plans to deselect the MP in his constituency of Islington North.

A senior Labour party insider told the Telegraph that they are “determined to bring this to a head”, adding that “the current position is not sustainable”.

A source close to Sir Keir Starmer also told the paper that Mr Corbyn’s time in the party was effectively over.

Mr Corbyn has been an independent MP since October 2020 after he said that the scale of anti-Semitism within the party during his time as leader was “dramatically overstated”.

While the MP has been reinstated as a Labour member, leader Sir Keir Starmer has refused to readmit him to the parliamentary party until he apologises publicly for the comments.

A Labour spokesman said Mr Corbyn was being suspended “for a failure to retract” his words.

The former leader said he is “determined to eliminate all forms of racism” but has refused to apologise.

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She has previously said she believes she lost her seat to the Tories as a result of Mr Corbyn’s “leadership and failure to tackle anti-Semitism [and] bullying in our party”.

Earlier this month, the Labour Party’s non-executive committee – the governing body of the party – voted by 23 to 14 against a motion to reinstate the former leader.

The motion had claimed that Sir Keir’s refusal to reinstate Mr Corbyn “deeply divisive act” that was leading to “tension and anger amongst party members.”

It added: “Disbarring the sitting Member of Parliament from the process is extremely disrespectful to the people of Islington North who have overwhelmingly elected Jeremy Corbyn as their Labour MP for nearly four decades.”

The Islington North MP has huge popularity in his local area, winning 63 percent of the vote in 2019, leading many people to believe he could retain the seat without the backing of the Labour party.

Mr Corbyn described the NEC’s vote as “disappointing”.

He added: “I am grateful for and humbled by the support I’ve received, especially from my Islington North constituents.

“The struggle for peace, justice and sustainability goes on.”


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