Brazen litterer hits back after being caught dumping rubbish from her car


The woman wrote: “The tip was shut, we was in the middle of the scamdemic I through [threw] a bit of cardboard with my name on and had to pay for 50 other peoples rubbish an all.

“It was 2 years ago and exaggerated massively.”

And she appears to concede she was identified after a cardboard box she threw had her name on it.

Tips and recycling centres, though, started slowly reopening in May 2020.

And, as Manchester Evening News reports, Whyte was slammed by other Facebook users.

One wrote: “You were lucky with the £614 in fines, in some councils the fine could’ve been in the thousands and your Punto siezed and crushed.”

Another stated: “Millions of other people managed (in the pandemic).”

A third posted: “There’s no excuse at all for dumping rubbish of any kind, everyone else managed throughout the pandemic and you do have a bin at home.”

Whyte, from Clayton, Manchester, was caught on camera on June 11, 2020 – during the first national Covid lockdown – parking her Fiat Punto on the street. 

Two females got out of the car, dumped rubbish on the street and returned to the motor.

Whyte drove away but a warrant was issued for her arrest after investigations by waste management company Biffa found she was the owner of the Fiat.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard on Friday flytipping creates “unnecessary costs to councils”.

Speaking after the hearing, Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, Manchester City Council’s executive member for Neighbourhoods, said: “This is an environmental crime that doesn’t make sense on any level.

“Not only is it an unnecessary cost to the council, and hence the taxpayer, it was an expensive way for this woman to get rid of rubbish when she could have taken it for free to a local tip.

“Once again, we want to send a message to anyone who thinks they can get away with blighting our environment, we will not tolerate fly-tipping in the city, and we will continue to bring prosecutions to court to show that this behaviour is not acceptable in our city.”


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