Brexit-freedoms finally unleashed! EU red tape torn up with hated rules to be ditched


Information Commissioner John Edwards pledged to rip up regulations imposed on the UK when a part of the bloc, in order to unleash the full potential of Brexit Britain’s economy. He accused the EU of having held back businesses by forcing them to adhere to unnecessary rules.

Mr Edwards, who was previously New Zealand’s privacy chief, cited GDPR rules as one area of burdensome regulation that frustrated both businesses and consumers.

Britons surfing the internet must give their consent to “cookies” on websites they visit, with pop-ups asking users to give permission to appear on almost all sites.

Mr Edwards said the model implemented by the EU while the UK was still a member “probably hasn’t worked as anticipated in the drafting of the GDPR and I think probably has imposed a drag on some of those economies”.

“There’s an unreleased potential to lighten the regulatory burden on business while maintaining a very high and robust level of protection,” he continued.


“For me, any measure that doesn’t deliver a benefit to individuals is a drag.

“I want to make sure that if we are asking businesses to take compliance steps that there is a concomitant benefit for citizens and consumers.”

He said that while some rules were important to keep firms on track, the idea of “regulations for regulation’s sake” as imposed by the EU should be ditched.

He said: “They are only there to help correct information asymmetries and power imbalances to help citizens make good choices in the world.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to use Brexit to give businesses more freedom.

He believes deregulation will lead to a new “Big Bang”, replicating Margaret Thatcher’s strip back of rules imposed on financial services.

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“From simplifying the EU’s mind-bogglingly complex beer and wine duties to proudly restoring the crown stamp onto the side of pint glasses, we’re cutting back on EU red tape and bureaucracy and restoring common sense to our rulebook,” the Prime Minister said in his new year message on the eve of 2022.

“The job isn’t finished and we must keep up the momentum.

“In the year ahead my Government will go further and faster to deliver on the promise of Brexit and take advantage of the enormous potential that our new freedoms bring.”

Tory backbenchers are frustrated at the speed of scrapping EU regulation.

They said the UK has been freed from Brussels for over a year now but have yet to see many changes.

In a bid to placate anger on his own backbenches, Mr Johnson appointed Jacob Rees-Mogg to the newly created position of Brexit Opportunities Minister earlier this month.

He has been tasked with identifying areas of unnecessary regulation and ripping up the rules to unshackle the UK. understands it is likely to be several months before regulations are finally removed.


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