Brexit hits the US! Remoaner argument mocked as image shows supermarket supply woes


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Despite Remoaner fears over supply chain issues in the UK, one man posted a picture of a supermarket with empty shelves in Washington DC. In response, a user named Tom Gribbin, mocked Remoner fears, saying: “Brexit finally hits the US.” Another user named Julian also commented on a separate post from Australia.

In the second image, a Twitter user named Checkmate.btc, shows a picture of empty shelves without vegetables or meat.

In response Julian said: “And Australia too.”

Commenting on the thread, Sharon Hearne also said: “I’ve been seeing tweets from US re supply issues for most of 2021.

“They also have a truck driver shortage.”

Brexit news

Brexit news: Remainers were mocked again (Image: GETTY)

Brexit news

Brexit news: Shortages have been seen in the US (Image: Twitter )

Carol Donaldson added: “It’s been hitting California for a while now.”

Last year, Remainers claimed Brexit was the main cause for the supply chain issues which the UK suffered last year.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Remoaners claimed Britons would struggle to buy turkeys.

A further poll by YouGov, found of those who voted Remain in 2016, 65 percent blamed the supply chain issues on Brexit.

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Brexit news

Brexit news: Remainers blamed Brexit for the shortgaes (Image: GETTY)

Despite their scaremongering, the lack of lorry drivers was caused by many returning to their native countries due to coronavirus, taking early retirement or switching careers.

Due to this, several countries across Europe also suffered lorry driver shortages, in what is an industry which has seen falling numbers over the last few years.

According to the International Road Transport Organisation, 22 percent of driver positions were left unfilled in Poland during 2019.

In the UK, that number stood at 24 percent while Spain and the Czech Republic registered 21 and 20 percent respectively.

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Brexit news

Brexit news: Shortages have been experienced across the world (Image: GETTY)

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, told it is “wrong” to blame Brexit for the supply chain issues.

Asked what he thought of those who claimed Brexit was the cause of the issue, he said: “It’s not just lazy, I think it’s wrong.

“So I was an absolutely massive Remainer and I still think it was an extraordinary decision.

“But there are many of these difficulties that are specifically not the direct result of Brexit. “

Brexit news

Brexit news: A timeline of events leading to the UK’s exit (Image: Express)

Rising container prices have also ravaged supply chains across the world.

According to supply chain advisor, Drewry, the price per 40-foot container has risen to $9,408.81 (£6,928).

In May 2021, the price had hovered around $5,000 (£3,682) and is 80 percent higher than a year ago.

Brexit news

Brexit news: Lorry driver shortages have sparked in the EU (Image: GETTY)

Due to Covid and these high prices, up to 65 cargo ships were forced to queue outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California last year.

Both ports handle 40 percent of all cargo containers entering the country.

The YouGov poll was published on September 7 and asked 1,653 between September 2-3. 


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