Brexit LIVE: BBC's Faisal Islam pinpoints 'really big mystery' in new UK-EU relationship

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Emmanuel Macron’s Brexit-basing of the UK — particularly on the fishing negotiations front — has been torn apart by Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, who warned the French President’s approach has left him alone in the European Union.

He told “Emmanuel Macron has become quite isolated in Europe with his approach.

“Germany is now rejecting that ‘bash Britain’ approach and want to have a very healthy relationship.

“Macron is delusional if he thinks his fear-factor, anti-British rhetoric is going to play well across much of the rest of Europe and it isn’t.”

Mr Gardiner warned creating “constant conflict with the British people” is a move that could backfire spectacularly on Mr Macron, especially as he fights to hold onto the French presidency as the 2022 election approaches.


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