Brexit vindicated: 'Rejoiner army' brutally silenced as ten myths ripped apart


He tweeted: “If the dwindling Rejoiner army didn’t keep falsely claiming that Brexit campaigners told lies, I wouldn’t need to circulate this. “But they do. Great read.” His attack comes after Conservative Home revealed ten predictions about Brexit that have not transpired – nearly six years after the UK voted to unshackle itself from the bloc.

Harry Phibbs, local government editor of Conservative Home, said “enough time had passed” to assess how a “series of predictions about the misfortunes” have “measured up to reality”.

After outlining fear-mongering predictions about unemployment, house prices crashing, World War 3, a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, EU nationals in UK to be ‘sent home’, Scottish independence, the stock market crash, lower wages, recession and dirtier beaches, he said “Project Fear merchants got it wrong”.

Concluding, Mr Phibbs accused Remainers of “arrogance”.

His remarks come as 2022 will see Britain mark its first full year outside of the Union.

It will be one year after Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled Britain’s historic post-Brexit deal with the Brussels bloc.

Mr Johnson’s zero-tariff and zero-quota trade deal with the European Union took the UK outside of the customs union, single market and removed Great Britain from the European Court of Justice.

Mr Johnson’s deal passed through the Commons, with support from the Brexit-backing European Research Group by 521 votes to just 73.

The UK has since negotiated further free trade agreements around the world, including more than 60 rollover agreements.

London has agreed to an accord with Australia, which is estimated to unlock £10.4billion in additional trade.

Brexit Britain has also signed bespoke deals with New Zealand, Japan and even Singapore.

Matthew Elliott, former chief executive of the Vote Leave campaign, said 2022 would give Britain the chance to make the most of Brexit and all it has to offer.

He told politics news site “One thing alone made Brexit worthwhile in 2021 — the vaccine rollout.

“The UK led the way in Europe in getting people jabbed, enabling the government to lift coronavirus restrictions far sooner than any country in the European Union. “Now we’re reaching the beginning of the end of COVID-19 (touch wood), the government will have more bandwidth to focus on fully attaining these opportunities.

“And with Goldman Sachs, HSBC, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank all predicting that the UK will be the fastest growing economy in 2022 – for the second year in a row – that’s a significant vote of confidence in post-Brexit Britain.”


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