Burger wrapper from fast-food restaurant stained with feces, lawsuit claims

MILLVILLE, N.J. – A woman is suing her local McDonald’s, claiming a family takeout dinner included a burger wrapper stained with feces.

The fast-food giant, though, says an investigation found no proof to back up Amanda Bordois’ claim.

Bordois contends her family was sickened and suffered emotional distress after eating food purchased Jan. 13 at a Millville, New Jersey, drive-thru, according to a six-count civil suit filed last week in Cumberland County Superior Court.

After bringing the food home, Bordois said she and her daughter started to eat french fries out of one of the McDonald’s bags.

When Bordois’ daughter reached into the same bag and took out a burger, she “noticed a brown substance all over the wrapper of the burger and on (her) right hand,” according to the complaint.

Initially they thought it was grease, but then there was a “horrible stench,” Bordois claims.

A family is suing a McDonald's franchise in Millville N.J. claiming they found a burger wrapper smeared with what they allege is feces in their takeout order.

Bordois threw out the rest of the food as she was “nauseous, disgusted and sick that she and her child just consumed french fries touching the burger wrapper covered in feces and in the same bag as the fries they had eaten,” the suit states.

The suit alleges JDKD Enterprises/McDonald’s failed to prepare, package, and serve food in a safe, sanitary manner as required by law.

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