'By what osmosis would you know?!' Neil blasts Remainer who claims Brexit weakened Britain


Self-described “pro-woke” Twitter user Cordelia Brandenburg attacked the veteran broadcaster – claiming he voted to leave the EU during the historic 2016 referendum. She responded to a tweet by Mr Neil which slammed a post by the Stop the War Coalition – originally created to oppose the 2003 Iraq War.

It blamed Russian aggression on the expansion of NATO and said it must “stop”.

Responding to this, the former GB News chairman wrote: “How dare the Western democracies, which you despise, gather together in mutual defence against an aggressive, militaristic, authoritarian Russia, which you never criticise but which only recently occupied most of Eastern Europe with an iron fist and the dictator’s jackboot.”

Ms Brandenberg responded: “Brexiteers like yourself have no room to talk.

“You voted to assist Putin by making the UK and EU weaker.”

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Speaking to host Nick Ferrari, Mr Neil, 72, took aim at the Prime Minister’s speech at the Tory party conference and the lack of policy details.

LBC political editor Theo Usherwood then tweeted quotes from the interview and some users subsequently turned on Mr Neil.

Colin MacPhee hit out at Mr Neil for working from his French home during some of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, @Masteredbynoone tweeted: “Don’t worry about Colin, worry about a person (broadcaster) who lives in Europe and who openly stated leaving the EU was a good thing.”

Mr Neil issued a furious response to the user on the platform.

He said: “Either produce evidence that I ever stated leaving the EU was a good thing or be blocked.

“You have an hour.”

Exactly 60 minutes later, Mr Neil followed up his earlier post and wrote: “Time’s up. Blocked.”

On Twitter, Mr Neil also responded to the other user and addressed his living situation with a brilliant takedown.

Responding to @ColinMacphee1, the no-nonsense broadcaster, wrote: “Where I am is none of your business but just to make you look a total numpty — I’m in London and I did the interview from Chelsea, where it’s a rather grey day but at least the rain has held off.”


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