Car tax changes affecting thousands of petrol and diesel owners was a 'success'


Alex Williams, TfL’s Director of City Planning said the new ULEZ rules were a “successful expansion” of the scheme. Last October’s changes saw London’s existing Central London ULEZ scheme expanded across many more boroughs.

The move meant petrol and diesel drivers travelling on routes inside North and South Circular had to face a £12.50 per day charge unless they were exempt.

Mr Williams said: “Following the successful expansion of the ULEZ scheme, which led to a reduction in trips by older and dirtier vehicles, we’re determined to make sure that clean and reliable public transport plays a central role in supporting Londoners and the wider economy.

“We’ll continue to work closely with local councils and other partners to ensure that people can also walk and cycle safely and easily.”

The new fees have been a blow to owners of many non-compliant petrol and diesel cars who have faced a fee of over £80 per week.

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Euro 4 standards were introduced on all new cars in the UK from January 2005 meaning the busy majority of newer vehicles will be fine.

However, classic car owners have been most affected by the new update.

Although cars older than 40 years old can apply for historic vehicle exemption, vehicles built after this will still need to pay ULEZ fees.

Experts at Hagerty Insurance claim up to 60,000 vehicles are affected by the ULEZ fees.

They warn a “good number of those will be cherished classics” with many owners “priced out of London”.

After speaking to many Londoners, many warned Hagerty they would be looking to sell their cars to avoid being hit by a daily fee.

Michael Griffin, owner of a classic gold Ford Focus previously said: “Many people like me are in a real predicament.

“It doesn’t matter how well you service your car, it doesn’t matter how many thousands of pounds you might have spent on it.

“No matter how poor you are, or if you’re disabled, the green agenda is all that matters.”


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