Caravans evicted from illegal site set up a new one just one mile away


Authorities have already started action to remove the community from the site near Clayton Road in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Newcastle Borough Council, controlled by the Conservative Party, is also conducting a welfare visit to the site – where there is a sign at the entrance saying “no camping, no fires, no litter”.

According to reports, three caravans pulled on to playing fields recently. It is believed the group was previously camping at Kentmere Place, which is just one mile south.

Speaking to StokeonTrentLive, a council spokesperson said: “An official notice to leave the land is being issued to the unauthorised encampment today. A welfare assessment will also be carried out. The council is looking to secure an eviction notice, via the courts, at the earliest opportunity.”

The latest encampment comes after caravans also set up in places around the local area in recent weeks: Meir Park, Fenton, Knutton, Biddulph, Stafford and Chesterton.

As it stands, landowners, often local councils, have a number of steps to take before obtaining a court order to force travellers to move on. This process which can take days or even weeks.

However, a new law, which is expected to be voted through parliament in the autumn, will allow police to step in much more quickly.

The law will make trespassing a criminal offence rather than a civil one and allow police to take action against illegal encampments more quickly.

More information about the steps different landowners can take to try and remove travellers currently, including under common law trespass and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, can be found online on Shelter’s website here. 

The Tories took control of Newcastle Borough Council in November last year, after it had no overall political control for four years.


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