The Week in Business: Uncertainty Over the New Virus Variant

What’s Up? (Nov. 28-Dec. 4) Dealing With an Unknown Policymakers, businesses and investors grappled last week with uncertainty over how the Omicron variant of the coronavirus will affect the still-fragile global economy. More than 30 countries, including the United States, have now

Is an All-Encompassing Mobility App Making a Comeback?

Pittsburgh has created 50 “mobility hubs,” in-person locations where all the modes can be found; residents can jet off on a Spin or Scoobi from there. The city is also piloting “universal basic mobility,” where 50 low-income residents are being given “all

Is Private Equity Overrated?

“You can’t see how a fund actually performs until it liquidates at the end of 10 years, so you are going by what the general partner says the companies in that fund are worth,” said Eileen Appelbaum, a co-director of the Center

Condé Nast Knows Faded Glory Is Not in Style

“Unless we want to look like a museum, we had to change and change pretty radically,” he added. For the past year, Ms. Wintour has been focused on the next step of the process: turning seven of Condé Nast’s biggest publications —

Congo Ousts Mining Leader in a Cloud of Corruption Claims

The chairman of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s state mining company was ousted on Friday after longtime allegations that billions of dollars in revenue had gone missing, a move officials said was intended to fight corruption as the country becomes increasingly important

Susan Rosenblatt, Who Took On Big Tobacco, Dies at 70

Susan Rosenblatt, who with her husband and law partner, Stanley Rosenblatt, took on Big Tobacco in a Florida case that seemed an absurd mismatch for their small firm, but that resulted in a record $144.8 billion jury award in favor of people

Biden Touts Low Unemployment Rate Despite Economic Anxiety

new video loaded: Biden Touts Low Unemployment Rate Despite Economic Anxiety transcript Back transcript Biden Touts Low Unemployment Rate Despite Economic Anxiety President Biden praised November’s unemployment rate falling to 4.2 percent and claimed credit for the fastest calendar-year drop in the

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