Biden Picks Gina M. Raimondo for Commerce Secretary

Some progressive groups have protested Ms. Raimondo’s selection, arguing that the Biden administration should look to a populist Democrat instead. In a Jan. 6 announcement, the Revolving Door Project and Demand Progress criticized Ms. Raimondo as a “corporate insider” who locked in

After Riot, Business Leaders Reckon With Their Support for Trump

Big business struck a Faustian bargain with President Trump. When he said something incendiary or flirted with authoritarianism, high-minded chief executives would issue vague, moralizing statements and try to distance themselves from a pro-business president who coveted their approval. But when Mr.

Boeing Reaches $2.5 Billion 737 Max Settlement with U.S.

Boeing will pay more than $2.5 billion in a settlement agreement with the Justice Department stemming from the 737 Max debacle, the government said on Thursday. The agreement resolves a criminal charge that Boeing conspired to defraud the Federal Aviation Administration, which

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