The Quarantine Playlist

Want to get the At Home newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here. Welcome. Virtual trivia. Online play reading groups. We’re negotiating a less-quarantined existence, but our pandemic pastimes remain predominantly home-based for the moment. We’re booking optimistic flights for summer and

16 Asparagus Recipes That Positively Scream Spring

Asparagus performs at its best with little effort: It retains its bright-green hue, delicate flavor and crisp-tender crunch when cooked quickly. Raw or roasted, blanched or sautéed, it pops up in a number of dishes that involve minimal labor, allowing the stalks

Risi e Bisi Time!

Good morning. If there’s anything we’ve learned from a pandemic spent watching people make quesabirria tacos and soondubu jjigae on TikTok, it’s that culinary authenticity is a slippery concept: internet fame, as Tejal Rao told us recently, both broadens demand for particular

A Classic Venetian Dish That Doesn’t Need Improvement

There is a joke going around that divorce lawyers are limbering up for the post-​pandemic onslaught of work headed their way. If you’ve ever had your marriage fall apart, it’s not the funniest joke, especially when there are kids involved. But here’s

Paneer for Every Occasion

Indian paneer is a blank canvas. The cheese contributes richness, texture and protein to a host of dishes, the most famous being saag paneer. Tarush and Jasleen Agarwal, a couple originally from different cities in India, met while working in the tech

Make Sake Cocktails This Sakura Season

In Japan honoring sakura, cherry blossoms, is perennial in spring. For the occasion, the Japan Society has organized a virtual celebration with a Zoom class about sakura-themed sake cocktails, including Cherry Blossom Fizz, Sakura Highball and Ichigo Cocktail (ichigo means strawberry). Participants

Red Sauces With the Carbone Touch

Major Food Group has introduced three jarred pasta sauces. They’re straightforward renditions of marinara, chunky tomato-basil and spicy arrabbiata, worth keeping in the pantry for an easy dinner. As for preparing Carbone restaurant’s famous spicy rigatoni vodka, some day the sauce line

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