What to Watch This Fall

Welcome. It’s the first week of fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and while it’s not as life-changing as returning to in-person school or work, nor as crucial as, say, weatherproofing your windows before the first frost, it’s nonetheless exciting to check

10 Easy, Portable Breakfasts for the Busiest Weeks

Could your relationship with breakfast use some TLC? Perhaps your morning meals are forgettable at best, or you skip them entirely in favor of a big cup of coffee as you rush to clock in, get the dog to day care, ferry

Give the Stand Mixer a Break

Good morning. Genevieve Ko is in The Times this week with a terrific column about turning her back on her stand mixer and food processor, and instead glorying in the pleasures of baking with her hands. Recipes illustrate her argument and provide

24 Easy Dinner Recipes

Modern life is busy. Modern life is exhausting. Come dinner, it’s no wonder a round of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches seems like an appealing option. But you could have a whole meal in just minutes more. The 24 recipes that follow

Maman Reveals Its Cookie Formula in New Cookbook

I fell in love with Maman, a cafe and bakery dressed in toile de Jouy, from the minute it opened on the edge of SoHo in 2014. And when the cookbook by the owners Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte, written with Lauren

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