Ring Out 2020 With Shots You’ll Actually Enjoy

At this point in 2020, we deserve a shot. But before you reach for the tequila and gird yourself for the next morning, adjust your definition of “shot.” No longer just the domain of hard-hitting, one-note shooters, shots can be complex and

Before They Closed, Restaurants Opened Doors for Us

So many of the restaurants I’ve loved were precarious to begin with, held together by duct tape and will. I know that it is the height of privilege for me to say, from the safe aerie of my sheltering-at-home, that I miss

The Best Breakfast

Good morning. We’re hurtling toward the end of the year now, a year that’s been like no other any of us has experienced, and I made a pizza and ate it with my daughter and walked the dog and got to thinking

What to Cook This Week

Then, on Wednesday, if you’re not totally stressed by all the cooking, the endless weeknight responsibility of it, you might make three-cup vegetables with rice. But if you are stressed, if it’s all just Too Much here at the end of this

At Home’s Best of 2020

Welcome. It’s the time of year when “best of” lists proliferate, when critics look back on the previous 12 months and select their favorite stuff. The Times’s critics’ 2020 lists are splendid; I’ve already tracked down most of Manohla Dargis’s film picks

Want a Nice Dinner Out? Your Hotel Room Awaits

With New Year’s Eve approaching, similar partnerships have cropped up across the country. Here, some of what’s on offer: After restrictions in Boston limited outdoor dining to private property, the UNI restaurant moved all its service to nine semiprivate rooms created by

A Sweet Breakfast With a Secret

The best muffins are the ones that veer into cupcake territory. Buttery, rich and occasionally glazed or iced, a muffin is intended to make eating cake acceptable for breakfast. These crumb cake muffins do just that. With their sour cream-laden batter, they’re

Hot Chocolate Bombs: Another Food Trend for 2020

“It’s something that we can control in a place during the pandemic when we have been out of control,” she said. “We don’t know when it’s going to end.” The hot chocolate bomb offers a gratification that we can wrap our hands

Holiday Cookie Baking to Connect With Those We Miss

Two weeks after my grandma died, her daughter Carol died suddenly and unexpectedly at 63. Again, my family sat through a Zoom memorial service, clutching our grief through the screen. This death from afar had no paper program to fold or wooden

Cook Yourself a Merry Christmas

Good morning. Merry Christmas, if you’re celebrating. Hope you’re getting dim sum if you’re not, a nice spread of Peking duck, some version of spicy big tray chicken. It’s a marvelous day for takeout and relaxation. And even if you can’t get