Why You Should Follow the Recipe

Good morning. I spend a lot of time telling you recipes don’t matter. I know that if you’re cooking a lot and you’re confident and you understand triangulations of sweet, salt, acid and heat that you don’t even need recipes, just prompts.

Nose-to-Tail Butcher Opens in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Headliner Prospect Butcher Co. Personal need often drives the establishment of small, specialized food companies. Corey Hammond, who works in e-commerce and consulting, moved to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, four years ago and missed having a convenient butcher. Then, as restaurants like Faun,

A Shrimp Creole for Our Times

Louisiana Creole cuisine is eclectic. Uniting the flavors and fare of West Africa, France, Spain, the Caribbean and the American South, it highlights the various cultures that resided in South Louisiana in the 18th century. And, as food often does, it transcended

How to Pretend You’re in Cartagena Today

While your travel plans may be on hold, you can pretend you’re somewhere new for the night. Around the World at Home invites you to channel the spirit of a new place each week with recommendations on how to explore the culture,

Slurp Ippudo Ramen at Home

Before the pandemic, you could usually count on a line outside Ippudo ramen restaurants, some of which are now open for takeout and delivery. But now you can summon a bowl of one of the chain’s signature ramens any time, with the

From Brooklyn, an Assertive Fernet and a Complex Aperitivo

Any resemblance between Campari and the ruby red Aperitivo in the chef Patrick Miller’s new line of Faccia Brutto Italian-style spirits stops at the color. Faccia Brutto’s Aperitivo flowers with citric and herbal complexity, while the popular global brand has almost no

Cheerful Plates to Brighten Dark Nights

There’s a resemblance, mainly in the colors, between Williams Sonoma’s shimmering new line of glass citrus cross-section plates and vintage Depression glass. At a time of year when citrus dominates the fresh fruit aisle, these bring a bright seasonal accent to the

Spanish Seafood, Grilled and Tinned

Fine tinned seafood is a Spanish specialty. Abel Álvarez, the chef and an owner of the restaurant Güeyu Mar on the north coast of Spain, has given it uncommon allure. His Conservas Braseadas Güeyumar seafood — including sardines, cockles, razor clams, squid

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