Spanish Seafood, Grilled and Tinned

Fine tinned seafood is a Spanish specialty. Abel Álvarez, the chef and an owner of the restaurant Güeyu Mar on the north coast of Spain, has given it uncommon allure. His Conservas Braseadas Güeyumar seafood — including sardines, cockles, razor clams, squid

Remembering the Stately Dinners of a Private Club

Since 1872, New York’s Lotos Club, a literature and arts organization founded in 1870 that occupies a townhouse on East 66th Street, has regularly held banquets to honor notables in the arts, government, science, entertainment, sports and the business world. Well-known people

Time to Get Cooking

Good morning. Welcome back. It’s been two weeks of people pushing off meetings and decisions, treading water in the corporate pool and the raging river of unemployment alike, nothing getting done although there’s so much to do. Today marks the end of

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. I’ve been scouting for snowy owls, looking for them at the edge of the salt marsh near the airport, where they come some winters from the Arctic tundra where they nest and breed. It’s stakeout work, using the car as

Conjuring Up the World Through the Sense of Taste

BANGKOK — My grandmother in Tokyo kept a pail under her sink. It was filled with what resembled wet sand. But from its pungent depths came what I considered to be the most miraculous of treats — a pickled carrot or daikon

Some Covid Survivors Haunted by Loss of Smell and Taste

Michele Miller, of Bayside, N.Y., was infected with the coronavirus in March and hasn’t smelled anything since then. Recently, her husband and daughter rushed her out of their house, saying the kitchen was filling with gas. She had no idea. “It’s one

Meals for a New Year

We made it! Happy New Year, and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. I’m hopeful we’ll have a year that is better than the last, though 2020 was not entirely without small pops of good news. (If you haven’t heard it yet, there

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. You aren’t, I hope, struggling this morning after a night of excess, considering your options at the crossroads of madness and death. If 2020 gave us anything it was an excuse — an order, really — not to gather on