New Charcuterie Straight From Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions in Portland, Ore., a company that specializes in European-style charcuterie, has started spinning out a new salami collection, called Farmers Network, using meat from small family farms in Oregon. Their first release is Rosette d’Oregon, based on the classic dry

A Macaroon Crossed With a Mounds Bar

Take the typical chocolate-covered coconut macaroon, a Passover treat, and cross it with a venerable Mounds bar and you have this hybrid, called Maccs. A New York entrepreneur, Michelle A. Goldberg, developed and refined them just before the pandemic hit. Robed in

Picnic Boxes That Support Refugees

Eat Offbeat, an organization that employs mainly refugee cooks for catering, is now offering a couple of picnic boxes: one with Syrian food and the other, vegan, with a mix of items from the Middle East and Asia. The kits, which come

Great Zukes!

Perhaps this week is the one where I can — and perhaps you can — get out of a breakfast rut (yogurt and strawberry jam, in my case), and discover something new for the first meal of the day: breakfast udon, say;

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. We’re moving into the slowest of the slow days, deepest summer, everything languid, not much happening at all. Tomatoes are ripening. Corn’s growing tall. I’m getting reports from cookouts and barbecues, clambakes, fish fries, oyster feeds and picnics — all

The Right Sandwich for Right Now

Hello from New York Times headquarters! I’m writing to you from my desk at the office, where I am for the first time since Covid banished me to my home, which I know makes me fortunate. It’s sort of thrilling to be

In London, a Taiwanese Feast With Fortune-Telling Buns

Shing Tat Chung and Erchen Chang, the husband-and-wife duo behind London’s beloved Bao restaurants, as well as Xu Teahouse & Restaurant, met while studying at London’s Slade School of Fine Art. And when Chang briefly returned to her home country of Taiwan

How to Make Brown-Butter Buffalo Sauce

How to Make Brown-Butter Buffalo Sauce Eric KimCooking in Manhattan, N.Y. I’m a writer and recipe developer for New York Times Cooking. Traditionally, buffalo sauce consists of hot sauce and melted butter, but browning your butter first makes a big difference. Let’s

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. “I don’t question that the greatest meal salad of all time, the chef salad, was created by a chef,” Gabrielle Hamilton wrote for The New York Times Magazine this week. “The combination of textures and flavors is consummately professional. Sometimes