The Symposium’s Saucy History

A Zoom lecture explores how ancient Greeks used alcohol to fuel their discussions, and how that culture informed their drinking vessels.

Mezcal’s the Thing in a New Cocktail Book

You know who you’re dealing with when Robert Simonson, the author of “3-Ingredient Cocktails” and a New York Times contributor, suggests drinks made with mezcal and tequila. Simplicity reigns. Of the more than 60 cocktail recipes in his new book, “Mezcal and

New Porcelain Designed With the Chef in Mind

Made In, the company that sells cookware directly to consumers, has introduced French porcelain baking dishes, manufactured by a company that has been in business for more than 200 years. The generous square, oval and rectangle pieces — available now and designed

Asparagus Season!

Good morning. Long ago, when I was working in the newsroom and going out to eat roughly a dozen times each week, I’d sometimes grab my pal Gilbert and walk briskly through the Theater District to a not-very-good restaurant with big plate-glass

When Food People Quarantine Together

From left: GRACE DENIS, artist, 30; RAUL LOPEZ, creative director of Luar, 31; JAKE TYLER BRODSKY, executive chef of Tillies and Paradise Pizza at Palm Heights, 29; PIERRE SERRÃO, culinary entrepreneur and co-founder of Ghetto Gastro, 33; DEVON SCARPULLA, producer and project

From Gerardo Gonzalez, A Chilled Hibiscus Soup

Gerardo Gonzalez came to cooking through birria — a meaty stew often piled into tacos and quesadillas — but the version that intrigued him, when he’d happened upon a recipe for it online, was meatless and instead called for dried hibiscus flowers.

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. Yewande Komolafe has a fine new recipe for kunun gyada (above) this week, a warmly spiced West African porridge of rice and peanuts that, she pointed out in her article about the dish, is an excellent addition to iftar, the

Things To Do At Home

This week, spend story time with the National Postal Museum, listen to a lecture from the artist Lorraine O’Grady or take a Syrian cooking class.

Pan-Seared Gnocchi and Other Brilliant Ideas

On Monday, I finally decided to try a trick that has appeared on New York Times Cooking a few times in the past year or two: searing or roasting store-bought gnocchi, rather than boiling it. Ali Slagle even wrote a whole story