Thanksgiving, Already?

Good morning. We’re just a month out from Thanksgiving, 30 days from a holiday that last year was deeply strange for a lot of us and that this year promises — what, a return to everything as it was in 2019? Probably

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. Gabrielle Hamilton is absolutely right about the pleasures of home-fried oysters with tartar sauce (above). As she wrote for The New York Times Magazine this week, they offer “the possibility for something not just nostalgic and postcard-y but also highly

What to Do With All Those Apples

I went apple picking last weekend, along with about a million other people in the New York metro area. Is it me, or does recreational apple picking just continue to surge year over year as a fall activity? Some people are not

Fried Chicken Recipes

Good morning. I’ve fried chicken in shallow pans and deep-sided, cast-iron chicken fryers, in a nasty bar-kitchen fryolator, in a super-clean one in a sparkling kitchen, in an as-seen-on-TV counter appliance, in a wok placed over a propane hob in the yard.

Who Will Save Alice’s Tea Cup?

The vibe at Alice’s Tea Cup, the whimsical teahouse on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, was a busy mellow on a recent Sunday afternoon. People stood around, casually waiting to be seated, while the restaurant’s outdoor tables — overflowing with fancy teapots and

Embracing an Unloved Grape

He wondered what would happen if the grape were farmed differently, with the goal of achieving ripeness at a lower sugar content, and made into wine with a lighter touch. “It was never really about liking or not liking the variety,” he

Cozy Fall Recipes

It was 90 degrees the other day in Los Angeles, but I desperately wanted it to feel like fall! Specifically, the New York fall setting of “Only Murders in the Building.” I’ve been watching it lately, and I’m thoroughly charmed by Martin

The T List: Five Things We Recommend This Week

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The Albums That Transport You

Welcome. If each day of the workweek corresponds to a gear on a five-speed car, then Monday might be “starting” and Thursday might be “cruising.” Wednesday, meanwhile, would be an in-between gear, a time when you’re driving around town running errands. When