The Easiest Paella Comes From a Kit

As easy one-dish meals go, paella deserves to be a kitchen standby. But the notion of so many ingredients make it seem daunting. Not so: It can be simple weeknight supper. Meg Grace Larcom, the corporate chef for the Boqueria restaurants in

A New Cassis to Sip or Mix

The French liqueur crème de cassis, the essential component in a Kir cocktail, is made from black currants, a fruit banned in the United States in 1911 because it carried a fungus that infected white pines. (The dried currants you find in

Dream of France, Through Recipes

Plenty of alluring plates of food for cold months are what the cooking teacher Susan Herrmann Loomis, who is based in France, provides in her new book, “Plat du Jour.” The seasonally focused recipes are mostly center-of-the-plate fare, including chicken braised in

An Online Lesson in Olive Oil

The Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn will take a deep dive into olive oil, with an online talk as to how it’s made, how to taste it, buy it and use it. It will also address the issue of fraud

A Ready-to-Bake Pizza With Brooklyn Cred

For the first time, Juliana’s — opened by Patsy Grimaldi and his late wife, Carol, when he came out of retirement in 2012 — is offering refrigerated pizzas parbaked in the company’s ancient coal-fired ovens in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and ready to finish

Head Into the Kitchen

Good morning. How goes it? These are challenging times, of course, made more so by the newness of the year that brings with it hope and optimism but also hard work: your new fitness challenge; your focus on self-care; your home office

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