What to Do This Weekend

Welcome. This weekend, in the hours under your control, when you’re not tending to the too-numerous things that need tending to, I challenge you to go screen-free. And when I challenge you, I mean it as a dare to myself, to all

Just Desserts

Hello and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. This week we are doing something new: desserts. Last Friday I asked if this was something that would interest you, and I have never gotten so many emails. (If you’re feeling cheated and want your

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. Tejal Rao has a column in The New York Times Magazine this week about the Brazilian confection known as brigadeiros (above), fudgy little bonbons rolled in cocoa powder. Her recipe for the candies is adapted from one the Los Angeles

The Activists Working to Remake the Food System

Today, activism exists at every point in the food supply chain: how it’s produced (unsustainable farming practices; unsafe working conditions and exploitation of undocumented immigrants and prison labor; abuse of animals), who gets to produce it and how it’s sold (racial disparities

Make Vermouth the Star

Your Negroni, your martini, your Manhattan and many more would fall perilously short without vermouth. A backbone to heavyweight and newcomer cocktails alike, vermouth doesn’t exist solely to amplify others. Rather, the fortified, aromatized wine is a complex, complete pour all on

Where the Rare Citrus Grows

AS OF LATE, the center — which isn’t open to the public — has also become a pilgrimage site for French chefs, pâtissiers and fragrance-house noses, who often learn about it from their own suppliers; many citrus trees at pedigreed French farms

The T List: Five Things We Recommend This Week

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