A New Source for Alcohol-Free Libations

New alcohol-free libations are flooding the market. There is a demand, and it’s likely to increase in the short term as more people abstain during “Dry January.” But Chris Becker, a former technology consultant who doesn’t drink, has the long term in

Green Chutney From a Minneapolis Family Recipe

Chutneys originated in India, but they have become a staple in many other countries. Afghanistan, which neighbors the subcontinent, is one of them. Several years ago, the sisters Sheilla and Yasameen Sajady turned the cilantro chutney made by their mother, Fatima, into

Get Cozy With a Chocolaty Champurrado Mix

Rich and chocolaty champurrado, a Mexican beverage in the atole family, is easy to prepare with a mix from La Monarca Bakery, a chain in the Los Angeles area now selling it nationwide. Serve it with tamales or, for Epiphany, to sip

Remembering the Restaurants America Lost in 2020

Rod Akuno started working at 20th Street Cafe as a child, in the late 1950s. He stopped last spring, when he and Karen, his wife and partner, decided to permanently close the downtown diner his grandparents, Harry and Tsugi, opened nearly 75

An Intimate Send-Off to the Year of Being Together

In Italy, pizza calls for bubbles, whether Lambrusco, beer or Coca-Cola. For a celebration, you could most definitely keep drinking Champagne. It’s a tried-and-true combination, for me at least. Or you dispense with the bubbles imperative and pull out a fine Barolo,

Ring Out 2020 With Shots You’ll Actually Enjoy

At this point in 2020, we deserve a shot. But before you reach for the tequila and gird yourself for the next morning, adjust your definition of “shot.” No longer just the domain of hard-hitting, one-note shooters, shots can be complex and

Before They Closed, Restaurants Opened Doors for Us

So many of the restaurants I’ve loved were precarious to begin with, held together by duct tape and will. I know that it is the height of privilege for me to say, from the safe aerie of my sheltering-at-home, that I miss

The Best Breakfast

Good morning. We’re hurtling toward the end of the year now, a year that’s been like no other any of us has experienced, and I made a pizza and ate it with my daughter and walked the dog and got to thinking

What to Cook This Week

Then, on Wednesday, if you’re not totally stressed by all the cooking, the endless weeknight responsibility of it, you might make three-cup vegetables with rice. But if you are stressed, if it’s all just Too Much here at the end of this

At Home’s Best of 2020

Welcome. It’s the time of year when “best of” lists proliferate, when critics look back on the previous 12 months and select their favorite stuff. The Times’s critics’ 2020 lists are splendid; I’ve already tracked down most of Manohla Dargis’s film picks