Same Name, New Thrilling Results

Falansai, the newly reopened Vietnamese restaurant in Brooklyn, is a standout in the pandemic, thanks to the chef Eric Tran, an alumnus of Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Say It With Carbonara

Hello and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes, though really my thoughts are with dessert today, chocolate desserts in particular. Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and while I have zero plans to cook an elaborate dinner, and might even order takeout, I will grab

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and if it was one of the worst eating nights of the year in the Before Times, right up there with New Year’s Eve for amateur-hour restaurant awkwardness and forced-march cheer, maybe we can make the

Pizza Was the Restaurant Hero of 2020

A few times a week, Elizabeth Reninger ambles to a pizza restaurant near her job for lunch. She orders the same thing every time: a cheese slice and fries for $6. For a little adventure, she sprinkles on some Parmesan and red

Our 17 Coziest Vegetarian Soups

For dreary days and weary souls, there is soup. Whether you’re stirred by brothy or blended varieties, those that lean creamy and rich or light and verdant, the perfect soup is out there for you. Find your match in at least one

There’s No Better Time for Maximalist Brownies

In the vast and varied world of brownie recipes, there are the minimalist versions: pure expressions without nuts, chips or icing nigh. Then, there are the maximalist takes, stuffed to their fudgy edges with all manner of sugary excess. To be sure,

5 Recipes to Bring Lunar New Year Home

5 Recipes to Bring Lunar New Year Home Genevieve KoCelebrating in Queens, N.Y. Also known as Chinese New Year and called Tet in Vietnam and Solnal in Korea, Lunar New Year is celebrated around the world — and always with good food.

The T List: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, Part II

Welcome to the T List, a newsletter from the editors of T Magazine. For this week, we’ve turned it into the second installment of our Valentine’s Day gift guide, with recommendations from T staffers and contributors on what to give your loved

Cures for Loneliness

Welcome. I’ve been absorbed in tales of other people’s lives this week: a Times Magazine feature about the Princeton professor Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who sees classics as complicit in systemic injustice and is “advocating reforms that would ‘explode the canon’ and ‘overhaul

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