A Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Grounded in Memory

The fresh coconut milk that made my grandmother’s chicken curry creamy and rich came from the fruit of the tall palms around her house in Sri Lanka. To make it, she first had to scrape out the bright white meat with a

You’re Going to Love This Pasta

Hi, guys. Margaux Laskey here filling in again for Em. How’s your week been? Lovely, I hope. A few weeks ago, Jessica Grose, a columnist for NYT Parenting, asked newsletter readers about their best pandemic buys, and I’m curious: What have been

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. Alexa Weibel brought us a terrific recipe she adapted from the chef Tony Tan’s “Hong Kong: Food City,” for spicy won tons with chile oil. They’re Cantonese in origin, so less mouth-numbingly fiery than their Sichuan cousins, and remind me

An Acorn Jelly That Brings Michelle Zauner Back

During a three-week visit to Seoul in May 2019, the musician Michelle Zauner saw the city in a nostalgic light. She was staying in an apartment in the Gangnam district to complete the first draft of her memoir, “Crying in H Mart,”

10 New York State Wines to Drink Now

New York is the third largest wine-producing state in the country, after California and Washington. Yet it doesn’t get nearly the respect it deserves. Not that its numbers mean a whole lot. But over the last 20 years, the quality of New

The T List: Five Things We Recommend This Week

Welcome to the T List, a newsletter from the editors of T Magazine. Each week, we share things we’re eating, wearing, listening to or coveting now. Sign up here to find us in your inbox every Wednesday. And you can always reach

What Normal Life Looks Like

Want to get the At Home newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here. Welcome. A couple of weeks ago, I asked what “back to normal” means to you. The resumption of an activity? A reunion with family? Being inside without masks and

12 Stellar Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Hang

What differentiates an outdoor hang from a picnic? A sort of informality, certainly. Outdoor hangs are more spur-of-the-moment, an enthusiastic reaction to spotting a 72-degree day very near on the horizon, while browsing through a weather app. But spontaneity doesn’t mean you

How to Feel Better

Good morning. The organizational psychologist Adam Grant wrote a fascinating piece for The Times this week about languishing, which he calls the forgotten middle child of mental health: a state of void that isn’t burnout, nor depression, but a kind of joyless

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