A New Source for Smoked Trout

With their eyes on Spain and Portugal (and the value given tinned seafood there), Caroline Goldfarb, a comedy television writer, and Becca Millstein, who worked in the entertainment industry, decided that better domestic canned choices were needed. Now they’re in the fish

Flour Sack Towels With Flowery Appeal

The soft cotton that once went into making flour sacks is what the photographer Pauline Stevens has selected for her vibrant collection of kitchen towels decorated with her food-focused photographs. Each is also printed with a literary quotation or a recipe for

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. My colleague Margaux Laskey introduced me to Mississippi Roast (above). I wrote about the dish for The Times a short while later and, five years on, I still hear from people who make it monthly, sometimes as written and sometimes

Things To Do At Home

Here is a sampling of the week’s events and how to tune in (all times are Eastern). Note that events are subject to change after publication. Monday Stream the Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Film Festival,

What to Do This Weekend

Want to get the At Home newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here. Welcome. I suggest starting your weekend with this Wesley Morris essay, which surveys the 2021 Oscar nominees and reflects on how the pandemic has changed the way we consume

Another Unlikely Pandemic Shortage: Boba Tea

A panic erupted on the West Coast this week. Over a drink. It happened when beverage aficionados learned that tapioca, the starch used to make the sweet, round, chewy black bubbles — or pearls — that are the featured topping in the

The Best Vegan Cheeses Defy Expectations

The pleasures of a bloomy-rind cheese begin before you slice into it — the softly wrinkled wheel, dappled and dimpled like the face of the moon. The promising stink, getting stronger by the minute. But I considered the velvety rind of a

Pasta Times Two

Hi, everyone! Margaux Laskey here filling in for Emily this week. It’s a stunningly beautiful spring day where I am, like a Gerda Muller picture book come to life (except with sirens and aggressive pigeons). There’s a whisper of chill in the

5 Classic Dishes You Should Perfect

5 Classic Dishes You Should Perfect Nikita Richardson��Cooking in Brooklyn, N.Y. For goal-oriented types who also love to cook, here’s a fruitful undertaking: perfecting these classic dishes. Should you accept this mission, you’ll most likely find that, as the saying goes, it’s

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