Doing What We Can to Deal

Welcome. Much of the continental United States is seeing winter storms this week, snowfall and icefall, astonishing cold. Some three million people are still without electricity in Texas; a friend in Dallas described it as “quarantine in quarantine.” I hope you’re inside

What to Do This Weekend

Welcome. I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about how difficult it can be to articulate precisely what one is feeling these days. The headlines tell us what is happening, but they don’t always touch on what is happening with us. Us,

Chocolate Pudding Is the Answer

Good morning. How are you? There’s a lot of anger circulating these days, pandemic-weary annoyance, medium-grade depression. I think it’s more important than ever that we try to believe that people are operating mostly from a position of good faith rather than

A Brazilian Treat for Home Cooks in a Hurry

When Natalia Pereira was a girl in Minas Gerais, Brazil, her mother, Francisca, gave her a few bricks and some empty, washed-out sardine cans to build herself a toy kitchen. Pereira loved it. She played by cooking rice and beans over hot

Next Stop: The Story of a Restaurant

The making of the Grey, a Savannah, Ga., restaurant in an Art Deco former Greyhound bus terminal, is a tale worth telling. And the two partners — Mashama Bailey, a chef from New York (though she spent some of her childhood in

A New Pint Worth Sampling

This new ice cream from McConnell’s in Santa Barbara, Calif., is especially craveable. It’s creamy, thickly veined with molten praline, lightly accented with mellow Garrison Brothers Texas bourbon and studded with salt-roasted caramelized pecans. Give it the affogato treatment with a splash

Lady M Sets Its Sights on Bon Bons

Lady M, the chain of sleek bakeries known for its multilayered cakes made of crepes, has added candies to its inventory. They’re tiny bites of gummies and chocolates nestled in oblong boxes. Among the 16 varieties created by Olivia Niddam, a French

An Ancient Grain Powers These Chips

Crisp, rectangular fonio chips, made from a West African heirloom grain, are the latest from Yolélé, a Brooklyn company that makes and sells African foods. There are four iterations: Afro-Funk, made with dawadawa (fermented locust beans) and ginger, are moderately spicy; Greens!,

Noodles in Six Acts

A new online course from the caterer Great Performances and the nonprofit Sylvia Center looks at how noodles are cooked around the world.

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