A January Menu That Comforts and Restores

January menus, with or without resolutions, ought to be gentler and milder, given December’s inevitable excesses. For postholiday cooking (since your kitchen has no doubt seen a lot of action lately), you want comfort, ease and lightness, and these three dishes cover

Should Wine Be Among Your Health Resolutions?

In other words, Avaline is for those who have never been curious how the sausage was made. For these consumers, wine may be a pleasure, but not one worth the modest effort to visit a specialist or to learn a little more

The last week of 2020.

Welcome. It’s the last week of the year, a time when many of us might normally be visiting with family and friends. This year has required some reconfiguring of holiday plans: You might be staying inside, with your usual brood or on

The Most-Read Food Stories of 2020

Decades from now, when cultural historians sift through the social media posts of 2020, they will tell the pandemic stories of savvy chefs and restaurateurs forced to pivot to meal kits, corner markets and sidewalk cafes as their industry collapsed, seemingly overnight.

Which Digital Thermometer Is Best?

Good morning. I was pretty fierce in this space a few days ago, arguing that you need to use a digital thermometer if you want to cook a roast to the state you desire. The internal temperature of your particular cut of

Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows?

Stephen Larson, a lawyer for the Dick Van Dam Dairy, described the images as staged or are taken out of context. Earlier this month, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the farm filed by another animal rights organization, saying it lacked standing.

Will My Popcorn Explode?

What would happen if, while I was popping popcorn, all the kernels popped at once? Should I be worried? — Skye M., Portland, Maine Don’t worry, all of your popcorn kernels won’t pop at once. Popcorn kernels pop because the water inside

Caviar and Champagne to Ring In 2021

Still looking for that tin of caviar and bottle of bubbly to bid good riddance to 2020? Pay attention to what Jean-Georges Vongerichten has on offer. A 50-gram (1.76-ounce) tin of Bulgarian osetra caviar with garnishes, enough for two, and a 750-milliliter

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