Garam Masala, Za'atar and More Homemade Spice Blends

Savvy cooks across the globe know that one of the easiest ways to add verve to their cooking is to keep a selection of aromatic spice blends at the ready. From Chinese five spice to Cajun seasoning, from Indian masalas to Chilean

An Upper East Side Source for Hamantaschen

Purim, one of the happiest Jewish holidays, is coming up at sundown on Thursday. Essential to the celebration are hamantaschen, triangular cookies that are plump with fillings like apricot, poppy seed and even some savory combinations. Gastronome Bakery, opened by Jonathan Weizman

A New Literary Community Cookbook

Among the programs that provide thought for food is Tables of Contents, an organization founded in 2012 by the chef Evan Hanczor, of Egg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Among its activities are dinners inspired by literary works, both classics like “The Sun Also

A Bakery Crosses the East River

When Amy Chasen opened Sweet Generation, her cupcake-size bakery in the East Village in 2014, she wanted to include a program that benefited society. Sweet Generation RISE, with internships for 16- to 24-year-olds to learn skills needed for food service careers, was

Flowery, Yes. But the Wines of Fleurie Offer More.

It’s fair to say that though Mr. Lynch’s company, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, imports some of the best Beaujolais producers in the world, including Jean Foillard and Domaine Lapierre, those wines bear little resemblance to the Beaujolais of old, beyond being made

Grenache, or Garnacha: Same Grape, 3 Ways

How important is the choice of grape in determining the character of a wine? Extremely important, obviously. But it is far from the sole factor. Soil and bedrock, climate, farming methods, altitude and inclination, intent of the winemaker — all the elements

What Yogurt Can Do for You

Good morning. I’m not sure why homemade yogurt (above) didn’t take off this year the way sourdough bread did, the way kombucha kind of did. As Melissa Clark demonstrates, it’s so simple to make, “and the payback is huge: a pot of

What to Cook This Week

Good morning. Melissa Clark wrote about the joys of maximalist brownies for The Times recently, and at least one of the three recipes that accompany the article ought to come out of your oven this afternoon: either pecan pie brownies, coconut macaroon

Things To Do At Home

This week, celebrate the life of Malcolm X, brush up on your photography skills or bake marshmallow brownies.

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