How to Remember What Your Doctor Says

“Don’t let the doctor cut you off,” says M. Barton Laws, a medical sociologist at Brown University who researches provider-patient relationships. What researchers call “verbal dominance” is a known issue in the medical field, and Laws has established that the more of

How to Map a Fly Brain in 20 Million Easy Steps

The brain of a fruit fly is the size of a poppy seed and about as easy to overlook. “Most people, I think, don’t even think of the fly as having a brain,” said Vivek Jayaraman, a neuroscientist at the Janelia Research

The Emotional Toll of Adult Acne

No matter how much we claim to value people’s inner worth over their outward appearance, what we see upon meeting someone for the first time can color our assessment of the person’s value. At least, that’s what many adults with acne fear,

Mixing and Matching Covid Vaccines

Mixing and Matching Covid Vaccines Apoorva MandavilliReporting on the coronavirus When am I considered fully vaccinated? People who have received two mRNA vaccine doses or a single J. & J. dose should still consider themselves fully vaccinated. Research indicates that, with the

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